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   In our busy world it sometimes is difficult to find time for in person therapy session. Telehealth appointments may be right for you. Our therapists are experienced in adapting most forms of therapy to this modality. Even specialized treatment methods such as EMDR can be provided through virtual session. Also, several forms of testing and evaluations can be adapted to virtual health sessions. Our HIPAA compliant therapy platform  insures your information remains private. 

   Our HIPAA compliant therapy platform  insures your information remains private. You simply login to our virtual waiting room and your therapist will meet you in a private room, very much like it would be in face to face therapy sessions!


 If you are interested in setting up a telehealth appointment, or simply want to receive more information, please contact our office at 325-518-6243 and our friendly office staff will be glad to assist you. 


   No matter where you are in Texas our virtual appointments are available to you. Almost all insurance, including Medicaid, reimburses for telehealth appointments.