Forensic Services

Certainly no one wants to think they would need forensic testing, but if yuo find yourself involved in some type of legal entanglement objective forensic testing may be of benefit to you. If advised by your attorney we may be able to help.

  • Substance Abuse Evaluations may be able to indicate the existence or absence of a substance dependence diagnosis. We may be able to advise if treatment is necessary and what level and type of treatment would be serve you. In some cases objective testing may show the absence of a substance dependence diagnosis when accompanied by a comprehensive evaluation.
  • Personality Testing can often indicate diagnostic areas needing treatment or personality styles or types that can indicate sues that may contribute to certain types of behavior.
  • Comprehensive Clinical Evaluations may be able to indicate underlying mental issues that can complicate or help explain behaiors that lead to problems with the criminal justice system

Whatever the issue Brian Hudspeth LPC, LCDC, SAP has many years of experience working wtih attorneys on a variety of legal issues. Call me if you want to determine whether he can help you.